Sunday, July 18, 2010

Additions to Pre July 11 paddles

I'm trying to catch here on some posting...some of these are actually earlier that the last posting.
Hope this is not confusing...

JUNE 20,

Launched at SunSet Park and paddled the warm, still, waters past Bay Ship and the City docks, to the Oregon Street Bridge, and return. Stopped to take photos of the Tug “Bay Ship”

When I worked there in the late 70’s that little Yard Tug had a habit of sinking at the dock.

Workers would come in, see it missing, but notice the lights under water from the cabin.

Happened several times. When I was at PBI, several times an old tug they had sank at the dock too….Guess it wasn’t a big deal to pull it up with the crane and drain the water out, if it ran, it ran, if not they fixed it…all it did was push small barges and such around the yard.

JUNE 29,

Launching in Sunset Park, Sturgeon Bay, WI
Met Tim and Laurel at Sunset Park about 5:45.

Light winds from the south, water flat, water temp 60’s.

Went South past Bay Ship Building INC. The MV Buffalo was still tied up…a self unloader built here in 1978…about 700+ feet long. At that time I was working with Glen Krueger setting hull sections.

The Buffalo's Lifeboat
The ore carrier Buffalo

Jack Tarr
The wooden sailboat Jack Tar out of Chicago was sitting at the Great Lakes Yacht Service dock…a handsome boat.

Keweenaw Star
Passed the Keweenaw Star…a small cruise ship, spoke with the passengers. They were on a 5 day cruise to the lighthouses of lower Lake Michigan…staying on-shore each night.

Tim and Laurel near another cruise boat

Launched at Sawyer Harbor and Paddled to the Sherwood Point Lighthouse.

Put in about 7:30, wind SW about 10.

Headed out across Sawyer Harbor, past Cabot’s Point, then toward Sherwood Point, which is about 2 miles away.

A few people were fishing, and had to watch out for high speed boat traffic hugging the shore as they rounded some of the points.

Sherwood Point Lighthouse

The cruise vessel Harbor Lady joined me in viewing a beautiful orange sunset before I paddled back to the launch.

The Harbor Lady, out of Sturgeon Bay, WI

Sherwood Point

Boat Launch in Sawyer Harbor
There was a family of Swans near the largest Island in Sawyer Harbor, but it was too dark to take a decent picture.

JULY 5th,

Last night, several of us had plans to watch fireworks from the water, but rain interrupted most. DD and friends paddled from her house…the timing was right between rain showers; the fireworks show and paddle a success.

This morning I left Sunset Park headed south toward town. Was calm…what else??!!, cloudy with a chance of rain. Stopped for some photo ops in the shipyard, rounded the supports for the Oregon Street Bridge, then past the Selvik Tug dock and through the Skipper Bud Marina.

Pelicans were settled down on Dunlap’s Reef, so my course diverted that way. Several dozen of them seem to call the reef home, but I don’t think any are nesting there.
It rained for a while this morning, but was a warm, misting summer rain...didn't matter if it rained, I was dressed for immersion felt good.

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