Saturday, July 24, 2010

JULY 16th, Sailing

Launched the Blue Jay at Sunset Park about 7:30 PM.

The wind had been west all day and still was a great West wind…so what if it is west??

The body of Sturgeon Bay roughly runs South to North, so a West wind means you can sail from one end to the other without tacking…the perfect wind direction…someone could sail from Sturgeon Bay over to Marinete, Michigan…20 miles, without having to change direction…one of these days, if I have time and the wind if right, that is on my Ta Do list

I Sailed until 10:30 pm. Went out to Sawyer Harbor, turned around, and headed back South to the Michigan Street Bridge. At 10 PM headed back to the launch.
The sky was clear with a long twilight and a quarter moon….warm winds about 10 to 15 pushed us along at about 6 knts…A perfect sail to celebrate the Blue Jay’s 50th birthday.

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