Saturday, July 24, 2010

JULY 17th, Paddle,...Night Paddle

Launched on the North side of Sunset Park about 8:45 PM for a night paddle up the East shore. Went about 2 miles or so out, saw several beach goers putting on fireworks, and was home about 10. Light winds, warm water, saw no boats within a mile in the dark….they usually stay out of the shallow shore areas after dusk.

What do I bring to paddle in the dark?

All this is attached to the lifejacket…that I wear. I figure, if I ever have to bail out of the boat, the equipment is going to be of better use if I have it with me instead of in a boat, which may be drifting away in the wind.


Strobe Light


Solid Light



Sometimes I’ll carry a radio and or cell if I’m going offshore.

During the past month, I’ve sold 4 older Kayaks…two Selkies, a Umiak, that my kids used when younger, and a Salom boat that was built in Green Bay by Ray McClain about 1982.
Beat up old Hyperform C-2...1972

I’m in the process of sanding and painting my old C-2 and a 16’ glued lapstrake, rowboat I built 24 years ago…a design called Whisp…nice looking and rows great. It will be for SALE soon….I need the space for new boats.
A Pintale, a Romany and Whisp
Whisp was designed by Steve Redmond in the 80’s.

I built another of Steve’s designs…TETRA a 9’ flat iron skiff, out of Doug Fir planking, with a Black Walnut transom and trim…it is hanging in the lobby of the John and Helen Collins Learning Center here in Sturgeon Bay
Tetra...Riveted Lapstake

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