Saturday, July 24, 2010

JULY 21, Sail and Paddle

I Launched at Sunset Park about 5:30 with the intent of heading North along the Bay of Sturgeon Bay, to several other kayakers who were launching from their homes.

The launch was late as someone stopped by the dock to talk about the Blue Jay as I was getting her ready, so I was delayed a while. When I left the dock, the main sheet hooked on the dock cleat, so I spent 5 minutes pulling the boat around the dock to get the wind out of the sail, unhook off the cleat and get going.

Met DD, Tim, Laurel and Jane along the way as we headed North, staying pretty close to shore, so close I eventually had to leave them and find some water deeper than a foot, as my centerboard, as I high it was raised, kept bumping bottom.

The wind was OK, less than 10, more or less. It was stronger away from shore and after the paddlers turned in, I headed back out to the mouth of the Bay, then in…back to the dock about 9 PM. Had a great sunset with smooth sailing on rippled waters.
Sailing along with the centerboard half up

John Hansen, the person I was talking with at the dock has a large (A) scow (38’), he was waiting for his crew to show up and launched after me. We sailed near each other with the scow being backlit by the sun when I was headed back in…the scow has a large sail area and is fast…is about 37 years old and had been in his family 20 years. John was a retired Laker captain, so he was still having fun on the water.
an A Scow

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