Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sunset Park to Sawyer Harbor

Last night Laurel, Tim and I left from Sunset Park about 5:45 and headed over to Bullhead Point to meet Russ. From there we headed North to Potawatomie, following the shoreline and good odors coming from Waterfront Mary’s…one of these days we will have to make that a dinner destination...

The water was basically flat with a few odd waves and breezes. The sky North was stormy looking with rain 50 or so miles away, according to the radar I checked before we put in. I always say this will be short and sweet, but we ended up at the Sawyer Harbor boat launch before turning back. Observed many bass and carp along the shore…the poor unlucky fishermen we encounterd along the way were only observing too.

Over the winter Russ and I carved a couple Greenland style paddles from WRC (western red cedar). On the last paddle and this one I brought it along…it is different getting used to it from a Euro paddle, but not bad once you get the hang of it.

Tim had a commercially made stick and I swapped with him for a while and …mine compares pretty well, guess I had good instructions.  The rig stuck to the forward deck is a Sticky Pod holding an HD GoPro camera mounted on a short lenght of plastic pipe...trying different setups each night for the camera.

On the way back we swung by the lower end of Sturgeon Bay near Ottumwa beach then past Dunlap’s Reef where there were 20 or so white Pelicans.

Left about 5:45, returned 8:10. 9 miles
See Ya OntheWater

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