Saturday, August 21, 2010

August 11th, Portage Park, Door County, Kayak, Tall Ships visiting

The Bounty was anchored off Portage Park

Bounty and the Roald Amundsen
I knew the ships were sailing through town on Thursday and suspected some would arrive early and overnight in the area. I drove out to the break wall on the North side of the Sturgeon Bay Coast Guard station to scan Lake Michigan for sails. One was visible way to the North under sail and another was anchored a mile or two to the North…Portage Park. OK, as I headed home to pick up a camera and paddling gear I called my buddy Jeff and he came out to the breakwater. I went back to Portage Park.

Bounty Anchored off Portage Park, Door County, WI

While I was getting ready, a guy pulled up and started asking me about what I was doing and why I was wearing all that stuff …gee a pair of dry pants and a spray top, spray skirt…he said the water was warm, why are you wearing all that gear?.., I never wear anything while fishing…so I tried to explain, why I try to wear “clothes” while paddling, even when the water is a balmy 65 degrees. He gave me the impression that weaqring more than a swim suit was a little much.

So I launched and paddled the mile or so out to where the Bounty was anchored. Winds were light, waves less than 2 feet, overcast, the water was in the 60’s. Took some photos of the ship, spoke with one of the crew…they had come from Soo Saint Marie, MI. Told him I had been out to Lunenburg where the Bounty was constructed.

I’m thinking to myself…little did I ever imagine…one day I would paddle a kayak off into Lake Michigan to practically touch a wooden ship I had seen in a move 40 years before…or that I had been to the town where she was built…

On the way home Jeff and I stopped at the town dock to observe the ships staying overnight there
The Schooner Roseway

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