Saturday, August 21, 2010

August 6, Sailing at Clark’s Lake

My two daughters and I launched the Blue Jay at the ramp on the west side of Clark’s Lake. The wind was in the mid-teens out of the S.

We covered the couple miles to the beach in 30 minutes of so. Mag jumped overboard several hundred feet before the beach, so I feathered the sails to stay along side her,

then Molly abandoned ship and I was left alone to sail to an anchorage just south of the swimming area.

Took advantage of the warm shallow water to give the hull and deck a good cleaning, and then went over to the kids for Frisbee…staying in the water till we were all shivering…the water was warm, probably 70 or more. Laid on the beach and dried off, then walked back through the shallows to the Jay for more sailing. Made it back with one long reach, then a jib toward the dock, dropped the sails and using the electric motor, trolled silently the last few feet.

Stopped for Hawaiian Shave Ice beverages at Malibu Moo’s in Fish Creek on the way home

Spending time with my girls is always fun.

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