Monday, September 6, 2010

August 18, Kayak Sawyer Harbor

We launched in Potawatomi State Park about 5:30 at the
Park's boat ramp.
Light Winds, Partly Cloudy,
the water temperature was in the mid-60’s
Laurel, Tim, DD, Terrie, and I showed up.
Lost Creek
Headed over to the mouth of Lost Creek following the winding shoreline and found it pretty much choked with weeds, but I cut a path up the creek to the first old dock and turned around. Saw an ugly snapper, covered with moss and weeds peering up at me as he grabbed some air.

Lower end of Sawyer Harbor
We headed over to the mouth of Sawyer Harbor and around Cabot’s Point toward the Sherwood Point Lighthouse…one of the last manned lighthouses on the Great Lakes.
Heading Toward the Light
Sherwood Point Light
Now it is used as rental for military who need a little R & R.
Sherwood Point Light
A few small waves, but the water was mainly flat.
We rounded Sherwood Point passed the picturesque light house and headed at a leisurely pace back to Sawyer Harbor and the launch, enjoying the warm sunset as we pulled out.

Watching the Sun go Down
South of Sherwood Point
Inside Sawyer Harbor

The launching area at Potowatomie
We traveled about 10 miles.
The next few photos are from a trip I took to Saint Martin a few years ago.
It was nice to see Terrie during this paddle, so we got caught up on where we have been and she had just been to St Martin Island...with Laurel, Tim and some others.
They spent couple days on Rock Island, which my daughter and I visited last month, and a few on St Martin, exploring the islands with feet and paddle.

St Martin is private and about 5 miles N of Rock Island State Park.
It is pretty much out there subject to weather...20 miles to the west is Michigan, 15 miles to the North is Fairport, Michigan and 70 miles or so to the East is the other side of Lake Michigan. It experiences alot of severe, variable weather.  Each time I have visited, I was windbound by 25+ winds for an extra day.
St Martin Island
An old map of a previous trip to St Martin

St Martin Island Lighthouse

Poverty Island Light
They managed to take a side trip over to Poverty Island, which is an island 5 miles North of St Martin.

Cold fronts are coming through now, with the daytime highs in the mid-70’s and in the 50’s at night…summer is leaving and fall is creeping in…the warmth of summer is barely long enough to burn off the chill memories of our long winter…sometimes as a friend tells me, ya just want to walk south carrying a snow shovel until someone asks what it is, then you know it is warm.

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