Monday, September 6, 2010

August 21, Kayak, Fish Creek, WI

This evening I went to Fish Creek. My daughter was curating a showing of new artists at the Peninsula Art School. I visited for a while, had a few snacks, and chatted with some folks. Stayed about an hour. I was dressed for the showing, but just so happened to have my paddling gear in the truck. Since I had not paddled in Fish Creek Harbor, this seemed like a good opportunity. Launched at Nelson’s Point about 7 pm, near the picnic area and paddled into town.

A small Drascombe boat anchored behind the breakwater of Weber’s Point caught my eye. The light was good, a low sun with the moon rising behind the traditional looking lap strake boat…nice. Then headed across the harbor and just cruised around.
The Steel Schooner "Friendly"

There were a couple steel ketches about 40 feet, a 38 foot wooden Ketch and a steel schooner. I didn’t realize there were so many small cottages with dock space along the water…It would be a nice place to stay for a week if you had a large or small boat (kayak)... So I followed the shoreline North, it was getting dark by the time I found Fish Creek and followed it up stream a ½ mile or so to “Not Licked Yet” a good ice cream/sandwich place. It was dark by then, but I took a few flash photos of patrons taking photos of the kayaker in the dark.

Up Fish Creek at "Not Licked Yet"
As I went back down the creek, 4 deer jumped across not more than 15 feet ahead of me, gee that would have been exciting if they had run me a kayak. So the paddle back was in the dark, with a 3/4 moon. Had a little trouble making out the landing as it was just a path down to the water form the picnic area, with really not much of a landmark... After loading the car, I called Mag on the cell to see if she was still in town. She was, so we met up at Malabo Moos for a couple cones on the way home.

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