Sunday, January 16, 2011

The ships are arriving for Winter Layup 1-16-2011

On Monday, the 17th of Jan, 6 or more ships are expected to arrive in Sturgeon Bay to layup for the Winter.
The John Boland arrived this morning and the Mesabi Miner is heading in now...going through the ice stern first is a long process, but since the 1000 footers berth stern first it is easier than turning around in the ice after they arrive
The Mesabi Miner

I drove past a friends house after watching the Miner and saw his dog enjoying the warm sun.
Noah looks part wolf...long legs, large feet, but friendly as can be.
He is sitting in front of a Tahitiana Ketch, designed by Weston Farmer

The Tug Erika Kobasic was heading into Green Bay ice, following the track broke by the Coast Guard's Mobile Bay

The Tug Erika Kobasic
dodging Ice shanties
Not Really!

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