Sunday, March 6, 2011

Whistler and ICE

After the big melt a few weeks ago…we had gone 42 days with the temperature below 32 degrees…the longest cold spell since 1977. The snow was gone, grass was showing everywhere and much of the ICE was clear of snow.

Waiting for the snow to clear off the ice

Whistler had been set up waiting for a melt since early January. Saturday morning I had gone for a walk and heard the ghhrrring of large runners on ICE…I went over to the North side of Sunset Park and the iceboats were out. Not much wind, probably in the low teens, but enough to make them fly once they started. I didn’t see Whistler in the morning, but she came out later in the afternoon.

Sunday afternoon, a storm blew in with winds in the high 40’s…the ice boaters were out until the snow was so heavy they couldn’t glide anymore.
Gus the bus...LAMA's Lair
Lama Wama Ice Yacht Squadron

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