Saturday, January 7, 2012

Paddle from Portage Park to Sturgeon Bay Canal Entrance Light

This weather has been wonderful. I have been able to get on the water several times during the past month.

Tug Michigan and Barge at Bay Ship.

Hope this keeps up. The past 4 winters were bad, with record breaking snow totals each year and cold temperatures. Last year at this time, we had 30 inches of snow, wind and frozen water everywhere.
Tug Oliver Moore, built in 1928
Now Sturgeon Bay is iced over, but not very thick. I launched at Sunset Park on Christmas Eve  and  Sawyer Park on the 30th for a trip to Bay Ship and back. Late on January 6th, I was able to get out to Portage Park with enough time for a trip to the Ship Canal Entrance Light before darkness took over the short day.
Portage Park to Canal Route

Portage Park to the Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal entrance

Sturgeon Bay Entrance Light

Portage Park
Living here in the Midwest when winter arrives, the water freezes except out in open Lake Michigan. Usually it is difficult to find a decent place to launch because of the shore ice which can be a jumbled mess several feet thick.

Maybe the mild weather will keep up and we can get out next month just as easy too.