Saturday, July 28, 2012

SS to MO, into the evening Light

July 27, 2012

Kayak, SS to MO
Wind, none, water 80!
Launched at 8 PM

Passing the Graving dock of Bay Ship Building, I stopped to observe a guy welding on the A-Frame support for the self-unloading boom on the ex-Mary Turner, now the Ashtabula…her Tug is in the floating dry dock.

The Tug was the Beverly Anderson and now is Defiance…
It is a large Tug with twin screws, so the name fits.

Farther down the yard was the Kate Barker, blowing off some water and have some welding done on the stack.

Paddling on the Sun slowly sinks into the Western sky. Light changes from daylight blue into nautical twilight. The setting sun mellows the sky into pastel hues of pink, orange and blue.

There was an old school style motor yacht at Center Point Marine, dark blue, steel I think. It was from Milwaukee, vertical bow with stainless plates to protect the hull from the anchor. Twin Masts at each end of the large deckhouse, spinning ports on the bridge to throw off rain, snow and ice…it was tough looking, my kind of boat…they were cooking a delicious smelling meal too.

I went past Center Point to look at the rowing course set up for tomorrow along Memorial drive. I heard there will be over 90 participants with sculls ranging from singles to 8’s.
Falcon in the evening light
With the water so warm, a beautiful evening sky, no powerboats, calm seas, light wind…a perfect way to relax at the end of a busy week.

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